I shouldn’t have to explain myself, but you do

Fridays sometimes get a little personal because I don’t have class and usually hang around the apartment and do catching up on reddit (just as a reminder that other people are doing human things and feeling emotions elsewhere in the world).


It kind of renews my faith in strangers. Continue reading


What am I DOING

I’m sorry that things happened the way they did. I certainly didn’t plan it that way, and neither did you. I didn’t have the best intentions, but neither did you. I tried to do the right thing, and so did you. But in the end the situation is beyond our control, what does that mean? Continue reading

the pursuit of happiness

While in the brief stint of living in the real world and taking a hiatus from blogging, I’ve really been trying to find ‘happiness’ with the spare time I’ve come to know without working until 2 AM for the newspaper. We’ve all read the tried-and-true quotes that can direct you to happiness, but they all leave something to be desired. Continue reading

The Liebster Award


So I was more than surprised to receive this nomination as I only have 40 followers and often feel that my blog is sometimes a teenage-esque angsty diatribe bordering on diary that is only looked at by myself and other angsty people (statistics show that I’m on the first page of google results when you search ‘letter to an ex-boyfriend’) and people from all over the world who google search ‘cool photoshopped pictures.’ That one’s fun because I’m apparently linked on some Russian Website for my edited picture of ‘Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima.’ Go figure. Continue reading