My resumé just got betta

It’s hilarious to me that my resumé is being critiqued in a college class but yeah I updated it so here it is, pdf form: KCLEGHORN_resume_blockednumber


On Design: Do you even know what that means?

This article is everything.


I’m currently working on a project to redesign a website for an academic-based community website. After working tirelessly to educate myself and keep up with the whole ‘flat design’ thing (regardless of if it is a passing trend, which I believe it’s not), I received feedback about the navigation bar.

“I know you like the whole ‘flat’ thing, but I don’t think it’s going to work.” Continue reading

How to not suck at graphic design

Hopefully this will help any people dabbling in graphic design/blogging/putting stupid ridiculously horrible looking things up on their websites/online stores/social media whathaveyou.

1) Fonts.

I made up the following quick graphic for your use. Follow it religiously.


There are SO many websites offering THOUSANDS of free fonts that you can download and use. These people understand that it’s sometimes hard to find a font that suits your needs! DaFont, FontSpace, and many other pay-what-you-wish collectives have some seriously awesome stuff on there. But don’t go crazy. Because if you’re using any of the above, you may have acute “No-Font-Taste-Itis” and it’s incurable.

To be safe, here’s a few of my favorites: Helvetica (this should be obvious; if you have no eye for design you likely can use this and get away with it), Adobe Caslon Pro, Baskerville (any), Bebas Neue, Century Gothic/Schoolbook, Futura, Gill Sans, Lobster, Market Deco, Nilland, Quicksand, Rockwell, and Trebuchet. Most of these will come with your computer. More after the jump>> Continue reading