What am I DOING

I’m sorry that things happened the way they did. I certainly didn’t plan it that way, and neither did you. I didn’t have the best intentions, but neither did you. I tried to do the right thing, and so did you. But in the end the situation is beyond our control, what does that mean?

No one saw so no one could tell. But I had a feeling that our promise would only be kept by myself, like most of the promises I end up making. How many times have you made this mistake? How many times have I helped someone make it?

In the end I’d like to think that there’s some kind of retribution waiting to make a return on the choices we make, and the choices we help each other make.

I could have left.

I could have smiled and waved.

I could have eaten by myself.

I could have found chocolate milk on my own.

I could’ve fetched the umbrella by myself.

Okay, I probably couldn’t have watched that horror movie by myself.

But in the end, I know what I could have done and I know what I did, which leaves me in the same place that I began. What am I doing? What are you doing? What are we doing? And what are we doing to other people…?



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