Let’s talk about brainwashing

Wake up. Turn on the news. Listen to what’s important. Feel sad. Human interest piece. Get dressed. Get in the car. Turn on the radio. You’re thinking of switching to another station. The new morning commute DJ is annoying. Tolerate it. Go to work. 9-12. Lunch. ESPN. Replay of last night’s basketball game over your pastrami-on-rye. Back to work. Get off at 5. Turn off radio. Put in CD blindly. Hate life when you realize it’s Kidz Bop. Too tired to take it out. Deal with it. Get stuck in traffic. Home. Continue reading


One beer, one post

Today, I went to go pick up my adderall prescription at my university’s health clinic. I see my doctor once every month-and-6-days-ish, and he conversationally asks how I’m doing. It’s the first time he was available for an appointment; I ran out of my medication three days ago and I’ve been struggling to get anything accomplished. And the insomnia returns with a vengeance. Lying awake at six in the morning, unable to concentrate on anything hard enough to finish simple tasks, is something that tends to make you feel helpless and lowers your self-worth. Continue reading