A day without adderall

wake up

not really, actually wake up at 4 PM

eat a black bean burger, chase with cashews, a cup of chocolate milk, and a cookie

Facebook chat friends for hours, help plan a prank call

kind of apologize for it, be a little sad, not actually my fault, eat pickles

shower, get ready for the day, it’s 7:00 PM

lookin good.

watch jeopardy. wallow in self-loathing. remembering that one time I went to the website to try and apply to be on  Jeopardy. Couldn’t find the right link. Gave up.

eat tortilla chips and mexicali dip, some buckeyes left over from christmas, another glass of (regular) milk.

time to “settle in”

sit down with new JK Rowling book. Watch Tanked instead. Neil Patrick Harris is the President of a high-end suits-only magic club. Not shocked. NPH = real life Barney Stinson. Except gay. They make him an awesome fishtank. Probably could’ve just looked up the fishtank and saved half hour of my life. Okay with it.

eat pretzels and nutella, make some coffee. Read the origin story on the side. Interesting. California. Didn’t know you guys did coffee beans.

photoshop picture of a friend for over an hour as a joke. Think of how funny it would be in someone noticed me clone-stamping to reconstruct the crotch of the man in the background to make up for the missing guitar.

upload photo. 6 comments, 7 likes. Not bad, but less than expected.

crack open a soda. It’s been 2 hours since book opened, only read 2 chapters.

somewhere in there I had another glass of milk. Wondering if I have problem with milk. And about the origin of lactose intolerance.

trying to read still

write 6 blog posts instead

get invite to party. Beg parents to drive through blizzard only 2 miles. They say no. Reminisce about being 12 and needing parents’ permission for things. I am 12.

eat 1 slice of Kraft Singles American Cheese.

try to read. Social media instead. See Led Zeppelin reference in tweet.

run into basement, locate album, and listen to Led Zeppelin III on vinyl.

admire album art. look it up on the internet.

netflix is bookmarked. watch episodes of gossip girl. wallow in self-loathing.


just kidding i’ve only been up for 10 hours.

try to space out blog posts so I don’t seem obsessive. Make list of things to include for the shit I hate more bracket, soon to come.

become frustrated with lack of ‘the clapper’ and lack of clip-on beside lamp; search boxes for said lamp. No luck. Find box with old CDs. Intrigued by ‘nature quest.’ Curse ex-boyfriend for getting stupid mix CD stuck in drive.

probably not his fault. no yeah it is.

write this post.

read book with the lights on, knowing full well the first-world-problems-problem of having to get up when I’m finished to turn off the light.



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