How to Accomplish the Impossible

Devastating flaws are simple classification

of a man defined by self           absorption

shuddering in its wake the tumultuous pressure

to be something greater            than stereotype


an unrequited attempt to break free from the spiral

gently hushed by the substances of the weak

constantly thrown back into the shackles of expectation

when the faulted planet makes no progress to redefine


how can something so small find its resting place,

in search of an epitaph before the grave has been dug

the unknown closes in like the coming revelation

and the universe does not blink            at this triviality


a purpose is the finish line but we lost sight from the start

the shot fired alerted us to the race

and yet here we are garbed with the skin of newborns

unable to will our unresponsive legs forward


Ignoring the screams            will not mask the failure

stakes continue to soar overhead as threatening as vultures


                             for their chance

                                                              to devour your carcass,

full of unfulfilled ambitions and dreams and destiny


no self-remediation nor literature will help you            survive

the great lottery will tumble and choose without your consent

your name is written in stone somewhere in the clouds

your destiny unknown            but to the whims of ambiguity


contemplate existence then not as your own

but as a cog grinding in a terrible and destructive machine

if you break you are easily replaced by another

a similar part that works simpler and cheaper than you


hold tightly to this narcissistic fantasy, that you are one

an independent punctuation mark.


placed incorrectly on the page

the editor will stamp you out and the reader will glance over you

the mistake distracting from some grand trilogy


you are not the



nor middle.

the forbidden apple would have been replaced had it failed

this prescription of destiny is always entertained



so destroy your dreams and accomplish the impossible

stop the glorification of the busy and the non-stop

recognize your un-        utility and attempt to break free

this mad earth with manipulating tenets and social ideals


it can be for everyone but you are one of many

if you can go so unnoticed as a speck on the iris of a crow

then simply


and let your anonymity overrule the spiral as your guide.



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