Verbatim what just happened

Allison walks in.

Guyyyyys it’s partially because I get carsick (laughs)

What are you talking about?

I just puked all over the front porch! Ohmigod, is it in my hair? Ew, it totally is (laughs)


–Yeah I mean a little bit, but it’s mostly in the bushes. Is my front tooth chipped? I hit my tooth!

What are you

I was dancing oh and I fell and look! *shows bloodied hand* but then woop I just fell flat on my face and I hit my tooth!

Oh my god Allison that’s ridiculous, clean yourself up!

Do I smell like vomit? Like

No, just alcohol. Okay no I definitely smell the vomit.

They were like Allison we know you’re in there! Guys I totally passed out on the shitter!


But it was fine, like I knewwwww I was falling asleep, but I came out and it was okay

How did you-where did you even

We went to Charley’s, then Blue Lep, Study Hall, and BTB Brown Jug I don’t knowwww you know, and

Dude you have puke in your hair you should probably take care of that

Can I tell you guys something that cannot leave this room

Yeah, sure of course

Like she’s so intimidated by me. Ever since the time when we were both making out with him, like

At the same time?

Well it wasn’t a threesome, like it just happened, and she’s my big ya know

SHE’S YOUR BIG?! dude that’s like fucked up

i mean i consider him like a brother now, we haven’t slept together since august, so i don’t know what she’s making a big deal about everything for

I don’t really know where this story is headed.

It’s okay, I’m just saying that’s totally lame if they decide to not go to the bar for your birthday. I’m totally gonna be there. My tooth isn’t chipped yayyyyy

Yeah that would be lame if they don’t come. Allison?

Allison has fallen asleep on the office floor. Eventually, Corey will carry her upstairs. What a gentleman.



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