My realistic photoshopped projects

Pictures after the jump!

This was my first image, Apollo.

This was my second image, The Flag.

And this was my third image, The Vietcong. (I still need to go back and re-touch this one).

I really liked this project because I could do something with a little more substance than the last project; for me the only art I enjoy making is that which has meaning or conveys a message.

In regards to technique, I definitely realized that I need to take a step away and come back to my work. I did it about 5 times before the project was due, and yet when my work was presented on the screen I definitely continued to find more areas for refinement and more errors that I hadn’t caught before. I also really liked some classmates’ efforts to use theme across the last projects; it was something I focused on this time and really attempted to create a sense of authorship in terms of artmaking.

Honestly, I really enjoyed this project. It was disappointing in that we didn’t really get to ‘create’ something perse, only take away, but I really think it was an interesting opportunity to explore the different kinds of work that digital artists can do. Removing something from an image can convey as much as adding elements together. It brought ‘negative space’ to mean something different for me.



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