Inspirational collages

I really enjoy an artist called Keck’s work in incorporating different images to make up a whole ‘real’ animal. An example is this dog, made up of different colored photos:

I really like this style, it does give me inspiration for combining otherwise uncombined materials to collage. It’s interesting the way that shutters were used for the ear–as shutters can be opened and closed, ears can also be open and closed depending on what a person wants (or does not want) to hear. This kind of subtle symbolism is something I really appreciate.

Also, just for the sense of environment it creates (not necessarily craft) I like this picture (artist unknown):

I think it is successful at at least retaining size accuracy and combining lots of images and lighting sources to create a vast sense of space. I’m excited to see what I can do with photoshop and making animals out of my own imagination.

I like this photo by John Hundt–it is of a woman but made of many different parts, even what looks to be some sort of military machinery. It juxtaposes the idea of the natural and the man-made.

The following photo by Wangechi Mutu utilizes abstract patterns and photos as well as concrete to form a figure of his own imagination. Using the ear to place the mouth and eyes, and then using the patterned pieces to suggest space and shape is clever and I had not thought of utilizing pattern in that respect. I may incorporate some of that idea into imagining my creations.

Lastly, this following image by a student at the University of Minnesota, has the interesting idea of not only collaging the creature he has made, but also collaging to make up the background of the piece. I really enjoy this because it makes the creature not as obvious as the creation, but rather the piece as a whole.



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