Abortion: Can we compromise?

In the week before fall break, every student in my 300 elective finished our projects on many different topics in order to educate in an unbiased way on some facet of the upcoming election. They’re meant to work as conversation starters. The larger of the two is currently hanging in the street gallery on the first floor of the Art + Architecture Building.


Inspirational collages

I really enjoy an artist called Keck’s work in incorporating different images to make up a whole ‘real’ animal. An example is this dog, made up of different colored photos:

I really like this style, it does give me inspiration for combining otherwise uncombined materials to collage. It’s interesting the way that shutters were used for the ear–as shutters can be opened and closed, ears can also be open and closed depending on what a person wants (or does not want) to hear. This kind of subtle symbolism is something I really appreciate. Continue reading